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After the introduction of the Hermle „Automation Control System“ (HACS), Hermle presents the new “Information-Monitoring-Software" (HIMS). This new option enables more comfortable the monitoring and control of Hermle machining centres.

HIMS can be installed on PC or on mobile devices

Imagine it's a Wednesday night. You're sitting at the glass control station in your production hall sipping a cup of coffee and eating a sandwich, enjoying the emptiness of the hall and taking in the ballet of perfectly functioning, fully automated production unfurling before your eyes. Every now and again you pause to check the screen of your PC, laptop or tablet, and then resume your other duties in your own good time. Not a chance? Oh yes there is! With HIMS.


Unmanned, automated production at night and on a weekend is already a reality. Parts requiring the use of minimal tools and associated with minimal tool wear can already be produced without staff needing to be present at all times. With the new software HIMS from Hermle you can rest even more assured that your machines really are doing what they should be. And should they ever not, you will be informed surely and reliably to allow you to take appropriate steps as soon as possible. How HIMS works: The machines report errors and events to the HIMS server, which forwards the information on to a PC in the office or an SMTP server.

The C 60 UP dynamic with pallet changer PW 3000 used in the Hermle automated production cell, status monitored with HIMS

E-mails are then sent from there to the intended recipients of the information, who can take action if and as necessary.

This guarantees longer machine running times,higher utilisation, greater yields and a rational,modern production concept. And, of course, restful Saturdays, Sundays and night shifts for your operators.

HIMS premium features:

Status monitor

  • Compact overview of the machines with live status
  • Detailed evaluation of the status history
  • Display of the message history
  • Export function of the status data to Excel


  • E-mail notification of machine events and errors 24 hours a day
  • Definition of groups (machines and users)
  • Calendar function to define the notification periods

HIMS is now delivery

  • iTNC 530, TNC 640 and S 840 D sl
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